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Touched by Adoption

Touched by Adoption
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adoption rollercoaster  

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

we can dream!

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Buy me a God  

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Can Atheists Be Parents? That is the title of the article by the way and not my question. A New Jersey Judge has denied a couples application to adopt at the final stage of the process. The reason...

they don't have any 'belief in a supreme being'. The actual facts of the case didn't surprise me (sad to say). What pissed me off, was the article. I'm not even sure why it bugged me so much, anyway but it did!

The author reserved one sentence to show concern for the child. Six years of childless marriage (Lori Tay alert) She describes the Burke's as young, scandal-free and solvent, of "high moral and ethical standards," with Mr Burke being a speech pathologist.

While the author paints the Burks as saints in their own right she fails to see all those qualities don't mean good parents they just mean they can finance buying a child!

They chose the Children's Aid and Adoption Society in East Orange because... wait for it... they have a son who is now 31 (my god I do hope she made a typing error with the age) whom they acquired from the same East Orange agency. Acquire, what's all that about! you acquire useless bits of information as you go through life. You acquire other peoples junk when they pass on.You DON'T acquire kids!

I have rambled on moaning and nit picking I know but it annoys me that people can get fired up enough to cry of injustice of an adult not getting want they want. Yet they do not get a flicker of emotion as to what adoption actually means for a child.

FUCK the childless (Lori Tay alert) purchases wheres your anger at the injustice served on innocent children and the non solvent mothers! Rant done.

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Justice for Scott  

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Help Scotts mum and family get the justice they deserve.

Please sign the petition

Scott Burgess was found stabbed to death on 06-09-07. Steven Price, Irene and Karen Duncan had planned how to murder him, then did so in his own living room! They stabbed and tortured Scott with knives then watched as he bled to death a long lingering horrific death. They showed no compassion or regret, they even took their photos with Scott's corpse. Not even the girls phoned an ambulance this was an evil crime yet all Irene got was 27months, Karen 7 years and Price a 15 year recomendation. For this evil barbaric crime these sentences are far too Lenient.

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adoption hurts - truth ignored  

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Fathers for Justice  

Monday, 16 June 2008

On Sunday - Father's Day - North Wales Police were alerted to a car off a hillside road
near Llanrwst by a passer-by. Inside they found a brother and sister from Cheshire lying dead with their father.
Brian Philcox, 52, from the Windmill Hill area of Runcorn, was a member of Fathers for Justice.

Mr Philcox had picked up Amy aged 7 and Owen age 3 from an arranged access visit on Friday. They had been reported missing on Saturday night and police in Cheshire had been looking for them.
Why Brian Philcox killed his children I dont know. All I know is two more children have died in a battle over child care. Full story

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Poor Scouser Tommy  

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dad, you probably taught me this song before I knew my ABC. You used to say an old man sang it to you after you were kidnapped by evertonians. I believed you, well it was your name! I miss you so much. If your looking down on me you will know I know the truth about my 'adoption' but it hasnt changed how I feel about you. I bet you laughed your socks of when I discovered my family were ALL Evertonians. Happy Fathers day. Nearly 20yrs and still no justice. YNWA

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Adoption exploitation  

Saturday, 14 June 2008

MTV are about to promote adoption!


We try so hard to have our voices heard, yet no one listens. Short of crying tears of blood I am at a loss of what to do. Here is the email I have copied from writing my wrongs outlining MTVs plans.
NCFA Lends a Helping Hand to MTV’s True Life Adoption Documentary

The National Council For Adoption is lending a helping hand to the producers of an adoption documentary for the successful and popular MTV’s True Life series. Previous True Life documentaries have dealt with substantial subjects such as autism, schizophrenia, and war-weary veterans returning from Iraq.

The adoption documentary will follow three or four young unwed birthmothers on video as they go through difficult and emotional decisions in developing adoption plans for their babies.

According to the show’s producers, the goals of the True Life adoption documentary are "to help de-stigmatize the adoption process and to show that adoption is a choice that loving, responsible mothers make when they believe it’s best for their child. We also hope to express the range of emotions birth mothers feel as they go through this process."

These goals coincide with the mission of NCFA’s new iChooseAdoption public awareness campaign to "create a more pro-adoption culture in which everyone, including women facing unplanned pregnancies, can consider adoption freely without fear, bias, or misunderstanding" and to "promote a culture that respects and appreciates birth mothers, honors their decision-making process, and supports their choice of adoption."

MTV is conducting a nationwide search for prospective birth mothers for the True Life adoption documentary.

If you know of any expectant birth mother who you feel would make a good candidate for this documentary, please contact the producers directly at, or by calling 718-422-0705.

We expect the True Life show to bring the adoption process more into the public limelight and provide a viable and important link to the target audience we are trying to reach with our iChooseAdoption message, namely young unwed expectant birth mothers who are facing difficult decisions concerning the future of their babies.

Thank you.

Chuck Johnson

We have to be the voice for these babies. Adoption hurts children, we know because those hurt children live inside us. The influential rich and famous are doing a good enough job already when it comes to promoting ignorance. I'm sick of seeing celebrities swinging their latest purchase on their hips. The money they paid to buy their 'must have' ethnic baby, could, if they truly cared, probably have supported the baby and its entire village for a lifetime.

Obviously bored with the multicultural theme another trend needs to be found. Once again the words 'best interest of the child' will be used to exploit and damage the lives of so many. For what? entertainment.

Please email Chuck Johnson at and make your voice heard.

Here is the email that I have sent:


I'm writing from the UK with regards to your True Life
adoption documentary. Please, if you genuinely care
about the emotional and long term well being of
mothers and children don't help to promote adoption.

The Internet is full of yesterdays adoptees all trying so
hard to be heard. We come from all over the world, all
walks of life, all religions and one thing in common.

Adoption is not about children nor is it about the
loving selfless act of a responsible woman acting in
her child's best interest. I wont use the word birth
mother because if you look into the history of adoption
you will discover that 'birth mother' was manufactured
for the purpose of letting the mother know that 'birth'
was where her role ended. It was also to reinforce the
idea that the adoptive mother was the real mother.

Adoption for a child and mother is about loss. While
the adoptive family celebrate their joy at becoming a
family, somewhere there is a mother crying. All the
love in the world does not stop the empty feeling that
grows stronger with time in the child.

Please take the time to listen to other adult adoptees.
The full impact of adoption only surfaces when we are

I would also ask you to consider what effect your
documentary will have on the children involved. I cant
emphasise enough the pain that we go through
searching for answers. No adoptee should have to sit
and watch that moment of separation. Adoptees don't
just hurt for themselves, they hurt for every tear their
mother might of shed.

Thank you for your time.


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Adoption not an option  

Monday, 9 June 2008

Mother facing jail for abandoning toddler.

· Boy, 2, was penned alone in kitchen for three days
· Flooding alerted police to wilful neglect, court told.

Every time I read headlines like this I have to question my beliefs. Can adoption be so wrong for a child that has suffered such parental cruely. Adoption (if it works out) can give a child a loving caring family. Something that all children deserve.

When I think of it like that adoption seems so right for a child.
No matter how hard I try to hold on to that thought my inner voice shouts above it.
Adoption severs all legal ties from all family members. Adoption replaces old family ties with new ones. If a child has a new family that loves them, then surely that wont matter, right?

Well for a small child it probably wont matter. Why should it? ABC, finger painting and fairy tales are enough for them to be getting on with.

Adopted children dont stay children, like everyone else they grow and mature. With this comes knowledge and the need to understand.
Adoption only considers the child and ignores the adult, yet its when adoptees progress into adulthood that the full impact of adoption hits them. How does an adoptee say to an adoptive parent , I want to know everything about my real family or I want to find my real family even. Adoption gives a child a family. Adoption takes away identity. Adoption re writes personal history. Adoption attaches untold feelings of guilt for needing to know the truth.

So yes, I still think adoption is wrong. Long term legal guardianship would give a child a much needed 'family' without taking identity, without re writing history and without severing legal ties to the family that they where born into.

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Hi, My Daughter is finally home!!! and enjoying being a Mum.

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