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Touched by Adoption

Touched by Adoption
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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Me holding my granson the day he was born.

My first grandchild was born 12 weeks ago. His birth blew me away like nothing else. My daughter was seriously ill for the first 8 weeks meaning no time to think between looking after the baby and daily visits back and forth to hospital. Thankfully my daughter is fine now and I'm loving having my grandson of a weekend and handing him back to his mum on a Sunday.

Sacha knew the risks when she got pregnant and while I was against it at first I supported her decision. I have tried so hard over the years not to let cystic fibrosis control who Sacha is or how she is treated. I used to think I had done a great job at achieving this (smug bitch, yeah I know). I look at Sacha now with her son and I am so proud. I never got her this far. She did that herself. She has more courage and determination in life than I could ever have.

I never thought anything could top having my kids. I loved them to death instantly. I suddenly stopped being alone (selfish) and instead of being me I became we. I split from my kids Dad when my youngest was a month old. if you asked my kids what sort of mum I've been they would say 'the best'. God love 'em! Best I have not been. We have struggled, they can spot a debt collector a mile off, they go into shock if the electric lasts all week and our dog is a redundant carol singer (they exploited him to the max). Despite everything my 2 lads and their sister are very close and they all have dead big hearts. Sacha's son has become the number one in all our lives. I love the fact that he will never have to wonder who is family are. He will never have to look though the family photo album and have unfamiliar faces looking back at him. He will never have to look in the mirror and question where he got his nose or who's eyes does he have. Best of all he will always have a family tree, a tree with real branches and meaning. He will always know his truth and never have to pretend. God I love having a grandson!

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