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Touched by Adoption

Touched by Adoption
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Age 7 1972 chirpy chirpy cheep cheep  

Thursday, 30 August 2007

It was in my first year juniors when I heard the word adoption. Adoption, a word that has followed me like a bad smell ever since!

I admit I was already a horrible little brat even before I wore the adoption badge. That day was no different. I had been playing skipping with the other kids from my class and one of my friends tripped me up. In retaliation (ok, so it wasn't really retaliation!) I bit her on the leg, leaving huge teeth marks. Her parents went berserk demanding that I be removed from the school(excellent! ha ha). The head master apparently told the parents that I behaved like that because I was adopted! Huh, not sure how he knew. Anyway the next day the bitten leg and a few others kept singing chirp a chirpy cheep cheep to me. for those of you who don't remember it, it was a naff song that went 'chirpy chirpy cheep cheep' where's ya momma gone, where's ya momma gone' You get the drift. Then came the questions. What was it like being adopted, why didn't my mum want me etc. etc. At some point that day the headmaster must of heard about it and called me to his office.
As hard as I try I can not remember what I was told in school but I do remember what happened at home. I had ran home dead excited, yeah I was adopted! I had lost the thread of what it meant but it was still exciting. My amum was out when I got in but my adad was their. Dad, dad I'm adopted, I'm adopted. I don't really know what he said or if I even listened to him, I just know I was running round the house like a loony shouting I was adopted. When my amum came home I ran downstairs to tell her (must of thought she didn't know lol). Crack! I can still feel the slap now. I was a selfish little bastard. They had saved me from the gutter, I should be ashamed not shouting it for the world to know. What was the point of them keeping me if every one knew I wasn't theirs. Things were never the same again.

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2 comments: to “ Age 7 1972 chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

  • Possum
    31 August 2007 at 03:32  

    Hiya Tina - just found you.
    Great to see another adoptee blogging.
    I'm adding you to my links - and looking forward to reading up on your blog.
    (Aussie adoptee)

  • Tina with much2say
    31 August 2007 at 04:01  

    Hiya Possum, it's good to hear from an Aussie. Another Brit adoptee told me yesterday that the Aussies are sound and you have good sense of humour. Humour, I could do with a dose of that! Glad you popped in, I was getting lonely ha-ha. Tina x

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