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Touched by Adoption

Touched by Adoption
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Child of the swinging 60's  

Friday, 24 August 2007

This is for you mum. Weird isnt it,mum, I can write the word but I cant say it!

A child of the swinging 60's
A mother all alone,
No one to offer any help
And a father marked unknown.

However, could she keep her child?...

When all around screamed shame,
Society frowned upon it...
And along adoption came.

A problem to correct
Decisions for them to make,
Unfit, unwed mother
Give birth for them to take.

Middle class wealthy family
The balance seems just right,
Rid the shameless mother
Leave her nothing left to fight.

Baby goes to decent home
A husband and a wife,
Never mind the mother
Who gave that very life.

Even if a loving home
The child feels less than whole,
So many unanswered questions
Fragmented in the soul.

Empty aching arms
Two splintered lives to heal,
A past that’s gone forever
And years more pain to feel.

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