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Touched by Adoption

Touched by Adoption
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Think the Unthinkable  

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Places you have never been before seem strangely familiar. You hear a voice and just for a moment, you turn to look. Dreams of faces you have never seen appear to you as you sleep. Surrounded by family, just for a split second, you feel an outsider. You might mention the odd thing or two to your family but they casually dismiss them. There is no one particular thing that you can explain as not right, there is just something.

It is a feeling deep inside, a feeling of something missing. Like a story book that has lost some of its pages. You can skip the missing pages and still follow the story but you are still aware of the missing pages.

I can make the missing pages comparison because I have experienced the unthinkable. More importantly though, I discovered reality. I ask you, for a moment, try and think the unthinkable. The only parents you have ever known. The parents who you love and who love you with all their hearts. imagine, if you can, that you weren't born into the family you love and know. Imagine your life started very differently.

Adoption 'awareness' is very much in the media but being 'aware' means accepting that corruption DOES exist in adoption. Children ARE stolen and sold for adoption. Could YOU be a stolen child? Unthinkable you say, but is it? Stolen children are quickly molded into the role of official off spring. Would the adopters of a stolen child tell the child. NO. So, I ask you again, think the unthinkable.

On July 24, 1991 on the Greek Island of Kos, a two year old child vanished without a trace. Little Ben Needham was playing in the Greek sunshine outside the family home, within the space of five minutes he was gone. Bens' mum Kerry was let down atrociously by the Greek authorities (and the UK, where it seems, unless the missing child is that of a middle class family it is just yesterdays news) who took the stance that no Greek person would steal or hurt a child". The refusal to consider Greek involvement meant the investigation into Bens' abduction was a farce from the beginning.

Greece has a long history of trafficking and illegal adoption. After world war 2 and Civil war the Greek economy was on its knees. The 1950's saw 100's if not 1000s of children illegally shipped to America from Greece for adoption. Was it coincidence that at the same time the Greek economy appeared to recover? A much fuller picture of Greek adoptions has emerged since the 1995 social turbulence which resulted in the unearthing of mass criminal acts involving adoption. These finding, have forced a change in the ancient Greek adoption laws, and in 1996 adoptees finally gained rights. .

The possibility exists that Ben Needham was abducted for the adoption market. Sixteen years have gone by since Kerry and her family held Ben, touched Ben, kissed Ben, sixteen long years that will have turned Ben from that chubby little two year old whos' face we know so well, into an eighteen year old young man. While that possibility exists I ask every young man just for a moment to think the unthinkable. It could well be the unthinkable that holds the key to Bens' whereabouts.

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