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Touched by Adoption

Touched by Adoption
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Rhys Jones  

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

This post is off topic but is well deserving of a mention.

I would like to wish Stephen Jones every success with his launch of a new football tournament The Rhys Jones Memorial Cup. Football with an anti-gun message. A fitting tribute to his son Rhys.

Stephens' son Rhys, an only child, was shot and killed while walking home from football practice in my home town of Liverpool last year link .He was just 11 years old. Rhys, like most Liverpool kids, was football mad. As every Scouser knows your either a Red (LFC) or your an Evertonian (EFC). Rhys was an Evertonian through and through.

Although no one has yet been charged with Rhys' murder his mum and dad still maintain a quiet dignity. My complete respect goes out to them.

Liverpool FC and Everton FC have both got involved with the new football tournament that is open to all under 12s Merseyside teams. Stephen hopes that the tournament will encourage more kids to join teams rather than gangs.

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