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Touched by Adoption

Touched by Adoption
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Adoption Box  

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A dark green Lacoste shoe box. The most precious thing in my life (apart from my kids). It holds my life. The life I have never known or been allowed to know...

What colour is your box?
What does your box hold? My box has my birth certificate, my two page adoption 'file' and loads of scraps of paper, not to mention lots of dust and fluff.

Every time I open my box I go through another emotional roller coaster. Each item, however small, holds apart of my journey. I promised myself that when I found my mum I would put a ribbon around my box and put it in the loft. It sat in the loft for less than a week. I need my box, how pathetic is that. It not only validates who I am but it validates my sanity, something I'm not prepared to lose.

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