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Touched by Adoption

Touched by Adoption
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Wrong baby blunder  

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Imagine going into hospital and giving birth to your baby. For almost a year you love and cherish that child. Watching her grow and develop.

What would you do if suddenly you were faced with the fact that you had the wrong baby! That is the horror facing two mothers in the Czech Republic.

A hospital blunder meant that the mothers went home with each others baby. I cant think of a worse nightmare. Obviously you would have bonded with the baby you had taken home and you would love that baby. What would you do? Personally, and I dont care how selfish I sound, I would want both babies! I would love both babies, I just know I would. I can't imagine the other mother would feel any diferently either. A horrible, horrible situation.

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5 comments: to “ Wrong baby blunder

  • birthmom1986
    12 October 2007 at 10:35  

    OMG, I'd probably take mine and then see if I could visit "my" other one often.
    That would be HARD.
    I can't even imagine.

  • Tina with much2say
    12 October 2007 at 10:48  

    I would end up with none of them because I would be in a prison cell! Oooh, it's making me see what a selfish cow I can be. I think I would run away with them both, that's awful! I'm sure there was a case in America years ago involving two baby girls. The one set of parents fought to get their real daughter back but the other family were against it. They were about ten though from what I can remember. They found out through a blood test when the one child was very ill. The child died. Do you remember the case. I'm going to see if I can find anything about it because I cant remember how it ended (thats if I didnt imagine it haha). If I find anything I will post it.
    I think I need to go and try to be a nicer person!
    love tina

  • Tina with much2say
    12 October 2007 at 11:16  

    I couln't find anything, my friend rekons it was a poor B movie on telly ha ha. I am so easily taken in!

  • aragon's girl
    13 October 2007 at 07:29  

    I believe this is what you are looking for.

    Yes - it was a cheesy TV movie, but it was based on the Kimberly Mays-Arlena Twig case.

  • Tina with much2say
    13 October 2007 at 09:28  

    Wow, how did you find that! thank you. if you have read my blog you will understand why I question my memory all the time! so cheers again for confirming it!
    love tina

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